Executive Council met today with four substantive items on the Open Agenda.

The first item on the agenda concerned the Investment Policy, 2018. Members were asked to approve the policy, noting that the principles broadly reflected those set out in the earlier 2011 Investment Policy, as they are still very pertinent today.  Noting that the development of an Investment Strategy would follow during the latter part of this year, Members gave approval of the Investment Policy, 2018.

The Financial Secretary presented a Memorandum regarding actions proposed to address the issues causing the qualification on the 2016/17 SHG Financial Statements and recommendations raised by the Chief Auditor in his management letter.  Members noted that these were the sixth set of financial statements to be produced under the International Public Sector Accounting Standards financial reporting framework in accordance with the requirement of the Public Finance Ordinance.  Members reviewed and discussed the actions in detail, noting the resources required to achieve them, and approved the associated action plan.

The third agenda item was a proposal to increase the fee paid by visitors to the Island for a Short Term Entry Permit. The increase, from £17 to £20, would come into effect from 10 July 2018. Members gave approval to this, noting that the fee had not changed since 2012.

Members then discussed the Aerodrome Regulations, 2018 and agreed to defer a decision pending further information which would become available over the coming weeks.

The Pharmacist (Qualifications) Regulations, 2018 were then discussed and Members approved the inclusion of South Africa in the Regulations as a place from which qualified Pharmacists could practice Pharmacy on St Helena.

Under the Closed Agenda, the approval granted on 12 June 2018 for the excision of four Land Parcels from the Green Heartland Zone was declared a nullity.  This was because Members did not have the authority to make such a decision. Members therefore reconsidered the proposal for the excision of the said land and directed the Chief Planning Officer to prepare a proposal to modify the Development Plan in order to re-zone the aforementioned parcels of land and locate them within the Intermediate Zone. This decision will mean that members of the public will be notified of the modified plan and will have the opportunity to make written representations concerning the proposed re-zoning.

The meeting closed at 2.25pm.


26 June 2018

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