Executive Council met today with three items on the Open Agenda.

The first item was a presentation on the new Sustainable Economic Development Plan (SEDP) (2018- 2028) which has been developed to guide St Helena’s economic growth. Members noted that the plan had been developed with wide ranging input from Island stakeholders and that there had been extensive consultation with the local community. It was felt that the plan needed to be well communicated and embedded across SHG, the private sector, and the wider community to ensure maximum support and buy in for successful delivery.  Members were keen to ensure that young people are encouraged and supported to become involved in key sectors, particularly the traditional farming and fishing sectors, in an effort to ensure that these areas remain sustainable into the future. Council approved the SEDP, subject to reference being made to the need for engagement with young people, and agreed that the Plan should now be taken forward for implementation.

Council then considered a Bill to amend the Births and Deaths (Registration) Ordinance to make provision for registration in St Helena of births and deaths that occur outside of St Helena.  Members noted that there was an increase in the number of pregnant women being sent to South Africa to give birth because of medical complications, and the Bill would allow for babies born overseas to be registered on St Helena. Council gave approval for the Bill to be presented as Government Business at the next formal meeting of Legislative Council.

The last item on the Open Agenda was the presentation of the Marriage Regulations 2018 and proposed fees related to the Marriage Ordinance 2017. These Regulations set out provision to enable civil marriages to take place in locations other than the Castle. Council approved the fees and gave approval for the enactment of the Regulations. In connection with this item, Council also gave approval in principle for Plantation House to be registered as a venue for civil marriages with the caveat that the approval would apply only to the marriage ceremony being held there.

The meeting closed at 11.30am.


1 May 2018

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