The monthly meeting of the Education Committee was held on Wednesday, 18 July 2018, and the following is a summary of the main items discussed:

Primary Advisor, Mrs Julia Drozdowskij, presented an overview of the areas of work completed. These included the first cohort of teaching staff nearing completion of the Cambridge Certificate in Educational Leadership, improvement and consistency in teaching across the primary sector with the benefit of the ICT system and connectivity, and the rising standards in English and Maths with the implementation of new assessment schemes.

She also shared suggestions on ways forward that would enable continuity including continuous professional development of staff, with all teachers to undergo training in Educational Leadership utilising the Cambridge model, the sharing of good practise as well as precision teaching to match the needs of pupils.

Strategic Priorities for Education for 2019/20 were agreed, and will be prioritised by Legislative Council. These are:

  • Improving student attainment and achievement at all levels, particularly in the key areas of literacy and numeracy
  • Working to ensure that schools are welcoming and inclusive learning environments that provide opportunities for all students to achieve
  • Continued support for the training and upskilling of new and serving teaching staff to support better teaching and learning in schools
  • Working through the St Helena Community College (SHCC) to provide opportunities for training and development to meet the needs of the community and the developing economy of St Helena
  • Supporting overseas scholarships to help develop the future professionals and leaders of St Helena

The existing SHCC Charging Policy was also reviewed and charges for new courses were approved. Changes approved by the Committee will be effective immediately and available on request from the SHCC.

Members supported making SHCC courses accessible to persons residing on Ascension Island, with the condition that the cost of courses on offer will be payable in full (unsubsidised).

The Education & Employment Directorate is responsible for ensuring that equality and diversity is portrayed and respected, with all treated fairly and equally in the school system. An Equality & Diversity Policy is to be implemented in all Island schools with immediate effect.

Copies of the Equality & Diversity Policy will be made available at the Education Learning Centre in Jamestown and both hard and electronic copies are available upon request to any member of the Education Committee.

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23 July 2018

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