Airport Directorate Message Ref: St Helena Airport

Please be advised that St Helena Airport is temporarily closed in accordance with standard regulatory procedure as the Aerodrome Certificate previously held by Basil Read Ltd has been rescinded by ASSI (Air Safety Support International) since Basil Read Ltd are no longer contracted to operate the Airport.

SHG is in the process of activating contingency arrangements. Our priority today must be to inform our staff, suppliers and subcontractors as regrettably we are aware that this information has not reached them through normal communication channels.  We would encourage all St Helena Airport Project (whether operational or construction phase) staff, suppliers and subcontractors to attend a meeting to be held at Kingshurst Community Centre at 5pm today.

SHG is using all best endeavours to resume normal operations.  Regulatory arrangements are already in place so that should a medevac flight be required during the course of this week, the flight could operate as normal.

An update to the general public will follow on Wednesday morning.

Airport Directorate

2 October 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470