The Education & Employment Directorate is proud to share the following professional achievements of staff within the directorate.

National Professional Qualification for Headship

Head Teacher of Prince Andrew School (PAS), Penelope Bowers, has been awarded the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). Penny embarked on her studies in 2016 and completed her work placement in October 2018.

Penny said:

“I am very proud to have achieved this award. It has not been easy to study alongside a full-time job, but I have found it tremendously rewarding. The NPQH is a reflective process, so the modules I selected were chosen in line with priorities at work. This has given me a good insight and lots to think about in terms of moving PAS forward. 

“In addition, I have made lots of links with colleagues in schools overseas. Some are now very good friends of mine, so I can call upon them as well.

“I would like to thank the Education Directorate and SHG for affording me this opportunity, and to thank both my family and colleagues at PAS for their support as well in answering questionnaires, surveys etc. I would, in particular, like to thank Lilla Oliver and my colleagues at Mary Webb School & Science College in the UK for their support and to my sponsor, Wendy Benjamin, for the endless filling in of forms.”

Cambridge Certificate in Teaching and Learning

In November, Teacher Trainee in PAS, Andrew Yon, and Reception Teacher in Harford Primary School, Mrs Tania Maggott, successfully passed the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

This professional course is delivered on-Island by the Teacher Training Advisor. Andrew and Tania join other members of staff – Deputy Head of PAS, Barbara Osborne, and Teacher in PAS, Laufia McDaniel – whoo also achieved this Certificate in August.

Supporting Teaching and Learning

Teacher Trainees, Robyn Yon-Bowers and Christy Bedwell, have completed and passed the Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

These achievements show Education & Employment’s ongoing commitment to strive to provide the best possible learning experience to the children of St Helena.

Acting Director of Education, Wendy Benjamin, said:

“I am really proud of these achievements and extend my congratulations to all. Studying whilst also working a full teaching timetable is no easy task and staff are thanked for their dedication and commitment to their studies. These achievements will support our drive in raising standards in education on St Helena.”

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13 December 2018

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