Representatives from the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), Tim Sullivan and Regi John, will be visiting St Helena between 19 & 24 March 2017.

Funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF), the MCA is leading on two projects in the Overseas Territories (OTs):

Maritime Obligations & Reduction in Contingent Liabilities

This project aims to enhance sustainable economic development, providing stability with a clear maritime strategy and establishing effective maritime legislative structures. It will produce a strategy for each OT that gives a clear understanding of the protections under international conventions, reduces contingent liability in the event of a local maritime incident and ensures compliance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)’s Instruments Implementation Code (III Code).

Overseas Territories Search & Rescue (OTSAR) Capability Review

This project will provide an in-depth review of the search and rescue capability of the OTs and seek to identify gaps and highlight potential enhancements to ensure safe and efficient execution of incidents and delivery of resources. The MCA will then produce a costed proposal, which will be prioritised across the OTs and the highest priorities will be funded during 2017-20.

Identification of the areas for improvement will provide an opportunity for the OTs to better meet their search and rescue obligations. The project will provide recommendations that if acted upon may provide the opportunity for the OTs to provide a safer and more secure environment for the aviation and maritime industry, commerce, recreation and in turn promote the use and enjoyment of those environments, tourism and economic development.

The MCA visit is to establish St Helena’s existing position and its requirements under both these projects.

Tim and Regi will be giving presentations to Councillors and officials to introduce these projects. They will also be meeting with various stakeholders to discuss their different work areas and how this work might fit into one or both of the projects.

Head of the Governor’s Office, Judi Leon, said:

“This visit is a great opportunity for St Helena to discuss our challenges and what works with the MCA so they can draw up an informed (and funded) action plan over the next three years.”

The MCA team has timed their visit to coincide with the visit of Air Safety Support International (ASSI) which has oversight for civil aviation safety regulation. ASSI will consider the extension of St Helena’s airport certification. ASSI and MCA will also participate in a joint emergency exercise during their visit.


16 March 2017



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