Travel News Update

Investigations into an alternative means of transporting passengers to St Helena continue.  

Over the past two days we have been able to make contact with the management of cruise ship liners in the vicinity of Cape Town which could have the option of diverting to St Helena on the next leg of their voyage.  We continue to search for another passenger vessel which is capable of transporting the passengers currently waiting in Cape Town.  A number of options are being considered and more information should be available tomorrow, Tuesday 18 April 2017.

There are also options for possible flights to St Helena.  These are taking some time to finalise, and the assistance of a large number of people who are helping to find a solution is acknowledged. There is a lengthy process to go through to get permission to fly to St Helena, but that work is underway.

There is a large number of people currently waiting in Cape Town to find out how they will get to St Helena, and many on St Helena who are expecting to travel in the coming weeks. The contact for the passengers is A W Shipping Management Ltd (as the managers). Chief Executive for Economic Development, Dr Niall O’Keeffe, is one of those in Cape Town.  Niall is taking questions posed by passengers and passing them to the SHG UK Representative, Kedell Worboys MBE, in the London office or back to SHG on St Helena. 

Some issues which have arisen recently are now included at the end of the Q&A document attached. The updated Q&A is also available on the SHG website:

RMS Voyage 256 Q and A – 17 April 2017


17 April 2017


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