Senior Magistrate from the Falkland Islands, Martine Kushner, arrived on St Helena on Saturday, 4 November 2017, and was this morning, 6 November, sworn in as Chief Magistrate for St Helena.

Ms Kushner took the prescribed Oaths in the presence of the Acting Governor, Louise MacMorran, and colleagues in the Governor’s Office at the Castle.

Ms Kushner’s appointment is effective immediately and will remain while the substantive Chief Magistrate, Nicholas Aldridge, is off-Island.

Mr Aldridge, who is currently on overseas leave, is scheduled to travel to the Falkland Islands, where he will take on the work of Senior Magistrate while Ms Kushner is on St Helena. Mr Aldridge will return to the Island on 27 November 2017.

While acting as Chief Magistrate, Ms Kushner will also take on the role as Chief Coroner for St Helena and Ascension Island, carry out the role of Registrar of Lands, and manage the Registry. Other roles include being the Labour Regulating Authority, President of the Land Development Appeals Tribunal, President of the Media Standards Commission and Trustee of the Legal Assistance Fund.  Ms Kushner will also chair the Immigration Appeal Court and the Mental Health Tribunal along with being the Commissioner for Workmen’s Compensation and supervising the Registrar of Companies.

Ms Kushner commented:

“It is a pleasure to be on the Island. The exchange of Magistrates is very useful, enabling the Courts and justice system to continue when there are difficulties such as a conflict of interest or long term illness. It provides resilience in the system. Additionally, it enables the two jurisdictions to share information and to learn from each other and pick up the best practices from each other.”

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6 November 2017

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