As part of the St Helena Health Directorate’s vision to provide a quality community, primary and secondary healthcare service, which focuses on pre-emptive measures to improve the health of the Island community, it has been agreed to establish a Health Promotion Advisory Group and a separate Health Promotion Consultative Group. These groups will further strengthen health promotion initiatives across St Helena.

Each group will play important roles in achieving a reversal of the current trends in obesity, poor nutrition and physical inactivity on the Island.

The purpose of each group is as follows:

Health Promotion Advisory GroupTo design and implement collaborative, consumer-centred, integrated approaches to enable more effective, responsive and equitable health promotion outcomes, and ensure health promotion outcome measures are embedded and continually monitored.

Health Promotion Consultative GroupProvide a consumer participation consultative forum to ensure greater involvement by the community in the planning of contextually and locally appropriate health promotion services for the Island.  The group will also advise on and vet all health education material and campaigns.

The Health Directorate is currently in the process of establishing both groups and is working with several local community organisations to nominate representatives to sit on the Health Promotion Consultative Group.

 It is anticipated that the inaugural meeting of the Health Promotion Advisory Group will be convened in February 2017.  This will be followed shortly afterwards by the Health Promotion Consultative Group’s first meeting.


7 February 2017




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