Members of the public may have noticed recently a small oil slick in James’ Bay, near the wreck of the RFA Darkdale.

SHG is aware of the situation and it would appear that the Darkdale wreck has been leaking oil since recent rough seas were experienced at St Helena. Divers are investigating the extent of the leakage and once their investigation is complete the findings will be analysed and an appropriate course of action will be determined. Meanwhile, mariners are requested to keep clear of the area until investigations have been completed.

A Ministry of Defence (MOD) project to remove oil from the wreck of the RFA Darkdale was completed in August 2015. All oil that could be pumped from the wreck was removed during the project. It was noted that small amounts of residue were left and as the wreck continues to rust away over the coming years, further small leaks of oil are inevitable.

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19 April 2017




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