Members of the public would have yesterday noticed a flyover of St Helena Island

The flight was undertaken by ExecuJet in a Hawker 4000 aircraft which had been chartered by Basil Read to bring to St Helena personnel connected with the Airport Project. The flight arrived on Sunday, 23 April, and will depart on Friday, 28 April 2017.

During a scenic flight around St Helena Island yesterday, ExecuJet pilots took the opportunity to proceed out to sea via James’ Valley to establish a safety route in the event of an emergency. James’ Bay will be used as a visual landmark for flights in emergency situations and if this route needs to be used, visual reference can be established with the coast and then with James’ Bay.  The aircraft can then proceed to Prosperous Bay Plain to land. 

Concern has been expressed that the flight appeared to be very low.  This has been fully investigated and we are satisfied on this occasion that there was no loss of safety parameters.

SHG and ASSI were notified and the crew were interviewed by qualified investigators who are satisfied that no further action is required.

No further flights up or down any valleys, or overland, will be needed or permitted.  Any future flights conducting scenic sightseeing trips will remain near the coast.

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26 April 2017

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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