St Helena Government, in partnership with Connect Saint Helena Ltd, released a Request for Proposals to commission a renewable energy project for the Island in June 2017.

SHG and Connect Saint Helena Ltd are today pleased to report that the procurement process is progressing well, with a number of firms bidding to help the Island meet the aims of the Energy Strategy. The next stage is for bidders to submit their Best & Final Offers by the 28 February 2018 deadline. This is an extension to the previous submission deadline to allow potential bidders to visit St Helena.

The project will result in the majority of the Island’s energy needs being met by renewable sources. New renewable energy infrastructure will supplement existing wind and solar infrastructure which currently meets around 30% of the Island’s energy needs. The project will also mean that significantly less diesel will be used to produce electricity on St Helena, which will reduce the Island’s environmental footprint, and reduce sensitivity to future increases in the price of diesel.

The project supports the aims of the Energy Strategy notably that ‘St Helena will increase the production of energy through renewable sources, and reduce the Island’s reliance on imported fuels, increase fuel security and price stabilisation’. It will also support the Ten Year Plan’s aim to ‘Invest in renewable energy with a view to becoming 100% self-sufficient’.

It is important to note that renewable energy is not free.  While the aim of the project includes reducing the cost of generating electricity, there are also costs in administration, distribution and maintenance.  It is anticipated that the price of electricity will reduce, but only by a few pence per unit in the first instance.  Greater reductions in price will be achieved by ensuring efficiency in administration, distribution and maintenance. That is also an aim of the project.

SHG and Connect Saint Helena Ltd will provide another update at the end of the Financial Year once the Best & Final Offers have been evaluated. Details of the Evaluation Criteria can be found within the Request for Proposals on the Publications page of the SHG website:

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12 December 2017




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