St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held in various districts during September and October 2017 where a wide range of concerns were discussed. Issues discussed included:


Concerns were highlighted regarding the timing of tree pruning along Longwood Avenue

Police have spoken to the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) and the Agricultural & Natural Resources Division who have agreed for tree pruning to commence from November 2017.

 There is a continued concern about vehicles speeding during the weekends

Police have shown a high visibility presence within the area during both foot and mobile patrols. Road Safety Policing is in place and any anti-social use of our roads are being dealt with. Drivers are reminded that they will be stopped and dealt with if they continue to drive in an anti-social manner. The request for speed bumps has been forwarded to the Highways Authority who has advised that due to the lack of funding, this will not be possible at this time.

The pathway at the Dungeon Cemetery is covered in moss and has become a safety concern to those who visit

 Police have spoken to ENRD, who have added the cemetery pathway maintenance to their annual maintenance agenda.

 Parking of vehicles in the Hutt’s Gate area has caused a safety concern and a suggestion of having yellow lines painted to alleviate this problem was made

 The Roads Section was made aware and a site visit was conducted. This issue has been placed on the agenda and yellow line painting will commence in the near future.


A concern was raised in relation to safety railings being placed on the roadsides at Alarm Hill and Hutt’s Gate as a safety measure for drivers

A site visit with the Police and Roads Section was carried out and solutions have been put in place.

 The railings on the bend nearest to the area of Bates are no longer visible due to overgrown vegetation

 This issue was forwarded to the Roads Section and a site visit was completed to ascertain what measures can be put in place to eliminate the risk and danger. This matter has been placed on the agenda for workmen to deal with the overgrown vegetation.

Sandy Bay

 The hedgerow has become overgrown and has caused a hindrance to road users from the area of Milestone to Green Hill

 The Roads Section has been notified and this issue has been placed on the agenda for workmen to deal with.

A concern was raised about insufficient disabled parking spaces available on-Island. A suggestion was made to allocate disabled parks at the Hospital and the Longwood Supermarket

 This matter has been forwarded to the Roads Section and Highways Authority who are yet to give their approval.

Rosemary Plain

The main road from Farm Buildings to Rosemary Plain is in very poor condition and in need of repair. The hedgerow from Rosemary Plain to Scotland is also overgrown and in need of attention

This has been sent to Report It, Sort It’, and Police are awaiting a reply. The public will be kept updated on any further development.

Half Tree Hollow

 Speeding remains a concern especially during the evening and over the weekends

 Police are continuously working to educate drivers on speeding, and the dangers that speeding imposes. Officers are continuously patrolling our roads in an attempt to catch the offenders. Again a serious view will be taken with any anti-social use of our roads.

Barren Ground

 Concerns were raised about the vegetation on the side of the road at Barren Ground

This Information was sent to ‘Report it, Sort it’ and Police are currently awaiting a reply.


People do not clean up after their dogs while they are out walking

Police have addressed this issue and posters have been placed in different areas around the Island. If dog owners fail to comply with the law regarding this they will be dealt with.

The Briars

Concerns were raised about drivers speeding in the Briars Village area, the concerned residents would also like speed bumps and traffic signs put in place

Police are monitoring the speeding issue and if anyone is caught speeding they will be dealt with accordingly.  The Roads Section has advised that there is currently no funding available to put in speed bumps however they will put in a new 15mph speed sign.


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7 November 2017

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