St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their new Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended, and a vast range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

Half Tree Hollow (HTH)

Vehicles speeding in the area of HTH are still a concern for residents and other road users

Officers are continuously patrolling the area. Speed checks are being carried out at peak times. Irresponsible drivers are reminded that the speed limit is there for a reason and if you are caught committing a moving traffic offence, you will be stopped and breath-tested. If as a result you are found over the prescribed limit, you will be prosecuted and can expect to have your driver’s licence revoked in a court of law.

White Gate

Many people have expressed concern of the number of vehicles that are being used on our roads which do not appear to be maintained to the required standard and, in some extreme cases, appear to be un-roadworthy

Police Officers and the Vehicle Inspector have undertaken to carry out vehicle stop checks around the Island. A number of vehicles have been stopped and found with defects, the drivers have been dealt with and in some cases, vehicles have been put off the road. These checks will continue and drivers can expect to be stopped and their vehicle checked. Checks will include, but are not exclusive to, brakes, lights, windscreen wipers, tyre thread depth and a check under the bonnet. Drivers will be given up to a maximum of 14 days to repair defects and present their vehicle to the Vehicle Inspector to be rechecked.

Vehicle checks are undertaken twice a month where possible.  From 28 May 2017 – 28 June 2017, a total of 39 vehicles have been checked and found to have defects which needed to be addressed by the owners. Of the 39 vehicles checked, four vehicles have been placed off the road due to un-roadworthiness.

Thompson’s Hill

Police identified during Community Engagement the need to clear refuse from a private dwelling. This was in the interest of the health and safety of a senior citizen

Working in partnership with Adult Services and Waste Management Services, the refuse was collected and disposed of by Waste Management Services and an aftercare programme was put in place to manage the situation, thereby creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Senior citizens deserve recognition for everything they have done to help form and improve the Island. They deserve to remain happy and healthy in their home for as long as possible. We take this opportunity to thank Waste Management Services for the assistance given on this occasion.


There are concerns about the cleanliness and tidiness of Longwood Green and the Bus Shelter

Officers spoke with Miss Loretta Coleman, who is on the church committee. Miss Coleman will be meeting with the church committee to discuss how they can help with this situation.

There are dogs fouling in the area of Bottom Woods, which is very unpleasant

In the area of concern we have erected posters informing dog owners of their responsibilities under the law, however, if you have information as to those owners responsible, please let us know so this can be dealt with.


Speeding vehicles are still a concern in the area of The Flag to Silver Hill Shop. Residents asked if speed bumps can be put in place before and after Silver Hill Shop to reduce speeding

Police continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area to deter this. Information has been given to the Police about those involved and plans are in place for those drivers to be seen. Police spoke to the Highways Authority about the speed bumps and were informed that at this time there is no funding to supply this request.

Sandy Bay

Residents asked for the vegetation on the roadsides to be cut back as vehicles are being driven in the middle of the road which is considered dangerous and a road safety concern

Officers have spoken to the Roads Section and were informed that they are looking to have two fulltime workers in the area to take care of this, however no set date has been confirmed yet.


Residents of Rupert’s have asked for more street lighting as the area is quite dark – this is a public safety issue

Additional street lighting will be addressed when funding becomes available.

There are concerns about vehicles speeding on the Haul Road on weekends

The Haul Road is not open for public use at this time, however, Police have been monitoring this situation and will continue to do so. Any drivers committing offences will be dealt with.

Alarm Forest

There are concerns about the lack of street lighting in the area. It has been suggested that one of the places of concern is at the end of the short cut near Mr Harry Legg’s house

Additional street lighting is being considered and is awaiting funding.

Below is an update on some of the concerns that have been put forward:


Cleaning of Run Area

This has been referred to ENRD along with the repair and painting of the walkway bridges. Officers are awaiting a response.

Cutting of Shrubs

The Samphire is a habitat for the endemic invertebrate and to remove it would be in contravention of the Environmental Protection Ordinance.  The Director of ENRD is dealing with the matter and Officers are awaiting a response on the way forward with this.

Street Lighting

Additional street lighting will be pursued when funding becomes available. There is no set date for this at the moment.


Street Lighting

Street lighting at the Bus Shelter area near Never Grove in Levelwood will be pursued when funding becomes available. At the moment there is no indication when this will be.


Park for Disabled Nr Longwood Supermarket

The Roads Inspector has advised that he will liaise with the Police and Secretary of the Highways Authority about this request which will have to be made to the newly elected Highways Authority. We are awaiting an outcome from this discussion.

Beat Surgeries for August 2017 have been announced and further concerns or specific feedback raised or received will be dealt with, however, consultation is not limited to these events and can be raised and discussed personally at Police Headquarters or in writing, or with any Officer.

There are still some concerns that are being addressed, once this has been completed, the community will be informed.

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15 August 2017










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