St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

New Ground

Concerns were raised about the Government Garage staff at Donkey Plain testing the brakes on their vehicles on the road from New Ground Point to the Government Garage. This practice is seen as being dangerous and raised concerns for Public Safety

Officers have spoken to the Manager of the Transport Division who responded by informing officers that Government vehicles will now be tested in the lower area of New Ground which should alleviate any further public concerns.

Half Tree Hollow (HTH)

Police were asked to look at the possibility of having a Lollipop Lady present near the bus shelter at the Half Tree Hollow Clinic during times when the school bus picks up and drops off children. Members of the public and parents were concerned with the children’s safety

Over the past two weeks, officers have been present during peak hours at both the HTH Community Centre and near HTH Clinic. Photographs and Body Worn Imagery have been documented and will be compiled and delivered to the Education Directorate within the coming week.  Road Safety Crossing talks will be conducted in Schools in the coming months to help educate children on road safety.

White Gate

There were concerns about vehicles being used on the roads while emitting excessive smoke from exhaust pipes  

The Police and Vehicle Inspector have started carrying out vehicle stop checks around the Island. Vehicles will be stopped and checked to ensure the law is being complied with.


Residents have requested a disabled park near the supermarket

Officers have spoken to the Roads Section and will arrange for this to be brought to the next meeting of the Highways Authority.


There were concerns about traffic congestion in the area of the ‘Brow’ where certain drivers are expecting oncoming vehicles to reverse out into the main road. This is a safety concern and is only being experienced with certain drivers

Officers are currently looking at this and are in the process of trying to identify the drivers concerned. They are also looking to have a meeting with the Roads Manager to discuss a way forward.

In Barracks Square there are concerns about smoke being emitted into houses when vehicles are parking in front of them, thus causing a health issue

This area has been visited to establish if this is a problem and Police are also in the process of meeting with the Roads Section to discuss what can be done to alleviate this.

The keys to the disabled toilets near the Museum are kept at Police Head Quarters which causes an inconvenience when people wish to use the facility during the time the Police Office is closed

It is understood that the key at the Police Office is for emergency purposes only. Officers spoke to Mr Ian Rummery who advised that keys are available from Mrs Anna Crowie and people who are registered as disabled can be issued one free of charge.

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17 July 2017



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