St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their new Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended and a vast range of subjects discussed in February 2017.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

Blue Hill

Concerns were raised on the sport of Paint Balling in the area of Burnt Rock, Blue Hill

 With the assistance of ENRD, Team One held a meet & greet with the Paint Ball business owner at the designated paint balling zone. The owner showed officers around the zone and explained that he would very much like to work with the community in establishing the sport that is gathering much interest from the public, both youth and adults alike.

The designated area at Burnt Rock is being kept clean and rules are in place to deal with anyone who misuses the property and the facilities available.

The owner hopes to continue to adapt the area, making it a fun and safe place for all who would like to participate in this new venture.

White Gate

Speeding and other moving traffic offences continue to be a concern for members of the public across the Island

Police are constantly monitoring hot zones within their remit. One of the areas of great concern is from Three Tanks to White Gate. Officers will be engaging the public in a speed campaign. These will highlight issues such as the Law & You, Road Safety and What to do in the case of an accident.


Tree obstructing junction at entrance to Harford Primary School   

Putting in place speed bumps near the entrance of Harford Primary School      

Having a sign near the junction at Harford Primary School to indicate that a school is there

Have road markings near the Junction at Longwood Supermarket to indicate who needs to ‘give way’ to oncoming traffic   

All issues have been sent to the Highways Authority and the ENRD Roads Section for consideration.

Speeding in Longwood areas, including Colt Sheds 

Officers continue to monitor speeding along with conducting high visibility patrols, it is hoped that this will be linked to a speed campaign.

 The public is concerned about persons having loud music in vehicles whilst driving

Officers will continue to monitor this, with a view to identifying the offenders.

Vehicle obstruction at junction near Hutt’s Gate Store opposite Hutt’s Gate Vicarage   

An email was sent to the Highways Authority, this has been referred back to Police for action, however the Roads Section will be invited to visit o suggest a solution. 


There are still concerns of speeding outside of Silver Hill Supermarket

This has been monitored and officers have spoken to drivers concerned, police will continue to show a presence in these areas with a view to combating this problem.

Loud music in vehicles, including party buses

Officers have identified this and drivers have been spoken to, this will be continuously monitored.

Having a traffic mirror near the Kingdom Hall junction to improve road safety                                                                                                                       

Information has been passed on to the ENRD Roads Section for this to be considered.

Sandy Bay

Rubbish on Sandy Bay Beach                                                                 

An email has been sent to the relevant agency to address this issue and perhaps provide more litter bins.

Having better toilet facilities at Sandy Bay Beach for both locals and tourists                                                                                                                          

An email has been sent to the relevant agency to address this issue.


Blind spot on corner of B & M’s store, Market Street, needs a mirror fitted

This will be passed to the Roads Section for their views and attention.

People having cones and signs outside of their properties in order to preserve the parking space for their return, blocking out other road users

All concerned persons were spoken to in relation to them having cones/signs in front of their property so that they will have a park near their residence. They were informed that unless they had permission from the Highways Authority then they could not do this. All persons seen were happy with this action, this will now be monitored.

A shelter promised by Councillors outside of the library

This matter has been sent to the Highways Authority.

Lines need to be painted on the bend behind St John’s flats

This will be passed to the Roads Section for their attention.

Beat surgeries for March have been announced and the public is encouraged to use these surgeries to raise any concerns. However, consultation is not limited to these events and can be raised and discussed personally at Police Headquarters, in writing, or with any Officer.

There are still some concerns being addressed and once completed the community will be informed.


6 March 2017





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