Animal owners have raised concerns regarding their ability to continue Home Slaughtering. Concerns raised are mainly focused around planning requirements and being able to adequately dispose of waste.

In light of these concerns, the following has been agreed:

  • Enterprise St Helena will provide some support funding to those persons wishing to upgrade their Home Slaughtering facilities
  • The Planning Section will advise and deal with planning requirements in relation to the structure of the buildings and locations
  • The Environmental Section will provide advice to the Planning Section on the safe disposal of waste and on any other issues to ensure compliance to the minimum requirements for the slaughtering facility
  • The Veterinary Section of ENRD will provide stun-gun training to those who require it from Wednesday, 25 October 2017. A detailed programme of venues and times will be made available to the public nearer this date

Those persons who wish to continue Home Slaughtering are given up to 31 March 2018 to have their facilities up and running to a satisfactory standard as approved by the Health Protection Board.

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4 October 2017

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