At the monthly meeting of the Highway Authority held on Thursday, 21 September 2017, a number of issues were discussed.

The Authority supported a proposal by the Waste Management Section of ENRD to conduct a Waste Prevention Campaign in early December, targeting the disposal of cigarette butts on the streets of Jamestown.

Approval was given for the creation of a dual carriageway behind the new restaurant below the Ladder Hill Business Park.

Traffic calming measures at The Flagg, Levelwood, were discussed and a potential solution will be explored.

Pedestrian Crossings in Jamestown were also discussed and will be considered as part of the Jamestown Parking Review.

During the Open Agenda of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee meeting that followed, a proposal to conduct a three-month trial to lift the current time limitations on public and commercial access to Horse Point Landfill site was agreed. This has followed many requests from the public, including through the Police Beat Surgeries. The site will be opened to the public and commercial users at all times but will be monitored closely over the trial period to determine if this should continue beyond December 2017.

The Chief Environment Officer gave members an overview of the Environmental Protection Ordinance 2016 and a summary of the first four parts of the Ordinance. This Ordinance provides for the protection of the environment including conservation of biodiversity, regulation of trade in endangered species and the control of pollution, hazardous substances, litter and waste.

Members supported a proposal by the Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) Manager for a trial aimed at reducing the rabbit population through the use of poison baiting and a recommendation for an amendment to the law regarding the poison baiting of rabbits. This will be taken to Executive Council for approval. Rabbits are a significant risk to the establishment and regeneration of native endemic flora as well as having a huge economic impact on local farming efforts.

Voting members of the Highway Authority and the Environment & Natural Resources Committee are Councillors Russell Yon (Chairperson), Dr Corinda Essex, Gavin Ellick, Cruyff Buckley and Cyril Leo.

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