The St Helena Constitution requires that the Legislative Council be dissolved not later than four years after the date of its first meeting, and that a General Election be held not less than six weeks (nor more than three months) after the date of Dissolution.

HE Governor Lisa Phillips has informed Elected Members that she proposes to dissolve Council with effect from 31 May 2017 and that Election Day will be end-July.  The timing means that the new Legislative Council can play a full part in setting plans and budgets for the following financial years. Elected Members agree with this schedule.  Until 31 May, all Government business continues and Executive Council and Council Committees can still meet after that to deal with essential business.

HE Governor Lisa Phillips encourages everyone to ensure they are registered on the Electoral Roll and exercise their right to vote

Further information on the upcoming General Election will be issued over the coming months.


17 January 2017



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