During the Executive Council meeting of 19 September 2017, Council considered and agreed ways and means of improving openness and transparency within SHG.

It was agreed that one of the methods going forward would be to publish on the SHG website all papers and minutes for open session meetings of Executive Council.

SHG is therefore pleased to advise that from today, Friday 29 September 2017, all papers (ExCo Memos) to be discussed on the Open Agenda at future meetings will be available online at the following link:

ExCo Memos will be available online the Thursday before the scheduled Executive Council meeting and minutes of the open sessions will be published online at least a week after the meeting has taken place.

Members of the public who would like to view hard copies of the ExCo Memos or minutes should contact the Clerk of Councils, Lydia Buchanan, at the Castle on tel: 22470 or via email:

Within the last ten years or so, SHG has made considerable effort to keep the public informed through various means of communication. SHG recognises the importance of continuing with the ‘open government & transparency’ agenda and will strive to better explain, clarify and justify its actions so that the public can better hold SHG to account for the services that it provides.  Greater access to SHG information should lead to greater accountability, better quality of services and improved governance in the longer term. 

Information relating to sensitive matters concerning individuals, national security and matters that are commercially sensitive will not be released or discussed in public.


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29 September 2017




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