Executive Council met today with only one item on the Open Agenda.

Council considered and approved the membership of the Electronic Communication Consultative Committee (ECCC) as follows:

The telecommunications licence granted to 20 June 2022 allows for an Electronic Communication Consultative Committee. The committee is made up of five members, three appointed by Governor in Council. The two remaining members are appointed by the licensee (Sure SA Ltd). 

The current chair of the ECCC, Dax Richards, is appointed in his capacity as Financial Secretary.

The Secretary, Thomas Holvey, who was previously the Socio-Economist and is now Policy Advisor, is appointed in that capacity.

The third member, Christine Cooper, is Crown Counsel and is appointed as the nominee of the Attorney General.

Under ‘Any Other Business’, Council recognised the current difficulties being experienced by Airlink in the provision of its service to and from Cape Town, and acknowledged that there was a great deal of work going on to rectify the issues with the appropriate regulatory authorities.  Council also recognised the contingency arrangements put in place to enable passengers to travel from Cape Town but looked forward to a satisfactory conclusion to the negotiations between the Namibian and South African Authorities.

Council commended the work of the Roads Section in effecting repairs to the Ladder Hill Road.  It was recognised that staff worked long hours over the weekend to ensure the road was opened on schedule.

The meeting concluded at 10.50am.


31 October 2017




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