The second meeting of Executive Council was held today with three items on the Open Agenda.

The first item followed up the discussion held at the last meeting on 15 August when Council agreed that the process for the Registration of Financial and other Interests by Members of the Legislative Council should be reviewed and updated to provide more transparency.  As had been requested, officers had undertaken research as to requirements and practice in some of the other Overseas Territories. However, Members were mindful of the requirement in the St Helena Constitution for all Members of the St Helena Legislative Council to declare and register interests, assets, income and liabilities for themselves and their families.  Members therefore approved the revised form for registering interests in line with that used in the UK which included monetary values.  The form will now be finalised with supporting guidance notes and once completed Members’ interests will be registered and published in the Government Gazette as required in the Code of Conduct for the Legislative Council.

The second item concerned the Law Revision (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill and Council agreed that the Bill should be adopted as Government business to be taken to the formal meeting of Legislative Council scheduled for 15 September 2017. The Bill will be published along with a note to explain the material changes to different laws.

For the third item, Executive Council sat as the Planning Authority to consider an application to discharge two of the remaining three planning conditions that had been attached to the Rupert’s Wharf development and to delegate authority to the Chief Planning Officer to discharge the third condition.

The Chief Planning Officer provided context to the application.  Condition 1 required a full geotechnical assessment to be carried out on the risk of rockfall before the wharf can be used.  This assessment had been completed and had recommended a number of mitigation measures. Members however were not content to discharge this planning condition in full before the actual mitigation works are implemented.  In the meantime, continued limited access will be allowed but this will be subject to standard operational procedures being approved and put in place.

Condition 5 concerned the heritage wall that borders the road access to the Shears.  An assessment had been undertaken and remedial works will need to be carried out to secure the wall.  It was agreed that this condition could be discharged.

Condition 8 related to the Environmental Mitigation measures needed during both construction and operational phases.  It was noted that implementation is ongoing and Council agreed to delegate authority to the Chief Planning Officer to discharge this condition.

In the closed session, Council considered the Airlink fares which range from £804 – £1,544 for a return ticket to Johannesburg and £846 – £1,586 for a return ticket to Cape Town.

It was also reported that Airlink has today received the ETOPs 120 approval from the South African Civil Aviation Authority and that it is anticipated that flights will commence on Saturday, 14 October 2017.  Fares are currently being loaded onto the ticketing systems and a press release with full details will issue shortly to include the date for ticket sales and the distribution channels.

The meeting concluded at 2.25pm.


29 August 2017


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