St Helena Government has been working with SURE South Atlantic Ltd to upgrade the internet connectivity bandwidth at the Hospital – enabling the directorate to send X-rays, CT scans and mammograms to South Africa via a dedicated Virtual Private Network tunnel.

Director of Health, Dr Akeem Ali, said:

“The benefits of this enhanced connectivity are incalculable because now we are able to transact critical business where online connectivity is essential and transfer radiological images swiftly to the team of radiologists that we consult in South Africa.

“Along with this, we can also access training courses online to support us in delivering better care on the Island.

“A huge ‘thank you’ is extended to SURE for the support and assistance they have provided.”

It is globally recognised that healthcare facilities around the world face the challenge of extending high-quality, affordable care to as many persons as possible – particularly in the age of shrinking budgets.  To succeed, healthcare must become more efficient, by doing more with less.

Head of SHG’s IT Section, Jeremy Roberts, said:

“The key to mastering this new environment is knowing what really matters – which of course are the patients.  Effectively meeting their requirements, calls for high-performance and high-end scanning apparatus.

“The upgraded bandwidth from SURE has meant that scans from our new equipment at the Hospital can now be transmitted to Cape Town in a much shorter timeframe.

“Once again, we are indebted to SURE for their generous sponsorship and their ongoing support and commitment to delivering better speeds and bespoke solutions that benefit the entire community.”

Chief Executive of SURE SA Ltd, Christine Thomas, said:

“At SURE we recognise the growing requirement for improved connectivity and the benefits that this brings to the community in meeting its day to day data needs.  We are pleased to be able to provide and sponsor enhanced data services to the Health Directorate that have a direct positive impact on the lives of our community in the provision of healthcare, as well as the ongoing enablement and enhancement of staff training opportunities for our healthcare providers.”

Manager Networks (SURE), Adam Yon, added:

“At SURE we see healthcare as something that affects us all. So where the opportunity exists to give something back to the community that benefits everyone, we are delighted to offer our support. We operate under a ‘can do’ motto, so where there is open dialogue that enables us to better understand customer technical requirements, we can work to deliver bespoke solutions to meet these specialised needs.”

Chairperson of the Public Health Committee, Councillor Derek Thomas, concluded:

“The upgrade in the internet connectivity will be of great benefit to our Health Service. The ability to transfer radiological images quickly to our specialists in South Africa will improve patient care. The upgrade will also support our nursing staff with their online training courses. Thanks are extended to SURE for their excellent support.”

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5 September 2017




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