Since being elected to Legislative Council, Elected Members have been participating in an intense induction programme, introducing them to various aspects of St Helena Government.

The induction process continues this week with scheduled briefing sessions between Councillors, Directors, Senior Officials and Enterprise St Helena.

These initial discussions will allow Councillors to better understand the work of Directorates, to meet the staff delivering services and to ask questions. The induction programme for Councillors has the overall aim of strengthening and promoting good Governance in St Helena.

Councillors will also be attending informal Legislative Council meetings and the first meeting of Executive Council is scheduled for Tuesday, 15 August 2017. An ‘Away Day’ for Councillors and Directors is also scheduled for the end of the induction programme.

Councillor Lawson Henry said:

“I have found the induction programme very beneficial even though I was a Member of the previous Council. It has in some cases been quite intense but interesting as things have changed. Importantly too, these meetings have also allowed us the opportunity to start work as a team which is important in going forward. We have had the inaugural meeting of Legislative Council and the important elections for the five chairpersons of the Council Committees and ExCo Members. We have also discussed amongst ourselves who will sit on which committees. 

 “I am looking forward to working with all Councillors and especially those who have been selected to work on the Committee that I am chairing.”

 Councillor Russell Yon added:

“Since being officially elected to Legislative Council this has been a whirlwind ride for me. The induction programme put in place has been very beneficial, educational and rewarding. It has and continues to give me an insight into how SHG operates and is very informative of their policies which they have in place.

 “Being elected as the chairperson of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee will also offer its challenges as this area is very diverse.

 “I’m looking forward to being introduced to the remaining departments and, although the induction has been intense at times, it also shows that if this team remains focused we will achieve a lot for the people and our Island.”

8 August 2017



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