Chief Auditor, Phil Sharman, will shortly be leaving St Helena to take up appointment as Auditor General for the British Virgin Islands. Phil will have completed his three year contract term in June and is pleased with the contribution that his office has made to furthering good governance and accountability in the public administration of St Helena.

Phil said:

The public accounts of St Helena Government are now up to date – an achievement recognised in the formal reporting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and in the recent Budget Speech made by the Financial Secretary. This success reflects well on the entire external audit team and their counterparts in Corporate Finance.”

Phil returned to the Island in 2014 to serve in a position he held 20 years previously. Phil says he has really enjoyed being a part of St Helena life again and feels the audit team and the PAC is in a good place to hand-over with the reporting backlog now cleared.

Phil is also enthusiastic about the next phase of audit development which will be supported through the FCO to strengthen audit and parliamentary scrutiny across the British OT. Indeed, he will be similarly involved in this OT wide project in his new appointment.

Governor Lisa Phillips said

 “I am very sorry to lose Phil as Chief Auditor. But I’m glad that his services won’t be lost to the OTs generally.”

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19 May 2017



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