This week has seen a noticeable increase in water consumption on St Helena, with usage back up to around 1000m3 per day.  

 The recent light rainfall is helping to maintain the water reservoir levels at just less than 13.5% of capacity – but this is not enough. Once we enter the dry summer, there will be no water going into the reservoirs and the levels will fall. It is therefore essential that we do not become complacent and instead continue to conserve as much water as we can for the coming months.

 December and January are usually months when consumption increases as we have visiting friends and family on St Helena. Everyone disembarking the RMS is now given a leaflet containing water saving tips to make them aware that our reserves are very low.

 Everyone on St Helena is urged to continue using water very sparingly and to please encourage friends, family, visitors and neighbours to do the same. To make sure the reserves last as long as possible,  everyone is reminded to exercise great care and restraint when using water. Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.

Consumption levels are indicated below, with the target level shown as an orange line.

Transfer Systems

Connect Saint Helena Ltd is pleased to advise that the new water transfer system from Chubbs Spring to Scotts Mill is now operational. However, there remains a need to bowser water to and from other locations to ensure that everyone has access to water.

Use of ‘Grey’ or Recycled Water

 The Island-wide Legal Notice restricts the use of water to essential purposes only – defined as drinking, cooking and personal washing. Personal washing is washing yourself, clothes and bedding etc in order to maintain your personal cleanliness. The Legal Notice applies to all water sources Island-wide, which includes the Run water and private borehole and spring water.

 These legal water restrictions do not apply to ‘Grey’ or recycled water. Water that you collect from your roof into a water butt or recycled washing water may be used for any purpose.

St Helena Resilience Forum

14 December 2016




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