The St Helena Badge of Arms (pictured below and attached) – also at times referred to as the ‘Heraldic Badge’ – comprises three elements of the St Helena Coat of Arms.

The flexibility for the use of the Badge of Arms – granted by the College of Arms in 1995 – is much greater than for the heraldic Coat of Arms used by SHG.  The Badge can be used on souvenirs, other products, websites and for promoting St Helena generally.

Since it has become apparent over the years that the image of the Wirebird on the Badge of Arms has become distorted through copying and re-designing, the attached provides a reference version which can be freely used.

The preservation of the correct heraldic symbols is vital in preserving St Helena’s identity.  All those who wish to use the St Helena Badge for promotional or commercial use are encouraged to use the attached version of Arms.



25 January 2016      


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