The St Helena Sea Rescue Service was kept busy yesterday, Sunday 4 September 2016, with two call-outs for emergency assistance.

The first call at 07.15hrs was for a fishing boat with four persons onboard. The boat had lost its propeller whilst trying to collect two fishermen from the rocks, and was drifting towards the rocks upper side of Long Ledge. Sea Rescue One was launched and, on arrival, took the boat under tow to safer water near Lemon Valley Point, the tow line was dropped and the two fishermen were collected from the rocks. The tow line was then retrieved and the fishing vessel towed back to its moorings in James’ Bay. All persons involved were returned to shore safely with no injuries.

The second call was at 11.30hrs to a yacht that was taking on water and sinking at its moorings. Sea Rescue One was again launched and, on arrival, started pumping out the water from inside the yacht. The yacht was then towed to the end of the Wharf where it was lifted by crane onto the Wharf.


5 September 2016


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