‘A Month in Film’ – showcasing St Helena’s recent Antiques Road Show, Progress on St Helena Airport & Rupert’s Wharf, the arrival of the business jet and the landing of the first large passenger aircraft, will be shown on Local TV 2 this week.

Those featured in the film include Antiques Expert Tim Wonnacott, Councillors, SHG officials, and Basil Read personnel.

Apart from footage covering the Antiques Roadshow and the first ever business jet and implementation aircraft making historic landings – the film also shows the Airport Terminal and Control Tower, and well as progress on the permanent Wharf in Rupert’s.

This 20 minute film will be shown on Local TV 2 from today, Wednesday 4 May, through to Saturday 7 May 2016, at the following times:

  •  Wednesday 4 May at 7pm
  • Thursday 5 May at 7pm
  • Friday 6 May, following SAMS Newsbite at 7pm
  • Saturday 7 May, following SAMS Newsbite at 7pm


4 May 2016



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