June Constantine
June Constantine

June Constantine, Nursing Sister at the General Hospital, has been awarded Accreditation as an Assistant Practitioner by the Society of Radiographers.

June began her work in radiography in 2005, under the direction of local Nurses Rodney Benjamin and Brian Bennett, where she assisted in the positioning of patients for X-rays.  June continued her training under visiting Radiographers and in 2012 Rachel Cornall – the current Radiographer on St Helena – began the process of enrolling June in the Society of Radiographers and supported her with both theory and practical teaching.

As a result of June’s accreditation, she will now be capable of conducting  axial and appendicular skeleton X-rays independently, for patients over 16 years of age.

June commented:

 “I am still fully committed to general nursing, but for my future development I would like to continue understanding more about the new technology used in Radiography.  I am also looking forward to learning how to operate the new CT Scanner and the new X-ray machine at the General Hospital.”  

Rachel added:

 “June has put an incredible amount of work into her studies.  I am very proud that she has achieved this. 

 “In terms of distance, June is the furthest registered Assistant Practitioner from the UK.  Her award means a great deal for the future of the Island – it means that you have someone locally who can take plain X-ray films – which is one of the fundamentals of diagnosis.”

The syllabus, which is based on UK university assistant practitioner courses,  over the last three years has required June to study radiation awareness, ionizing radiation legislation, physics, anatomy and physiology, electronics, health & safety, patient care and the theory behind positioning and radio graphic techniques.



23 February 2016


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