Friendly Societies are mutual associations that are formed to provide financial and social services to individuals mainly as religious, political or trade affiliations.  The funds of the society are generally made up of contributions from society members. 

Historically, Friendly Societies filled gaps in services which are now predominately filled by government departments, insurance companies or established charities – and for these reasons such societies are not as popular as they once were. These societies mainly became defunct as a result of a decrease in membership.

On St Helena, Friendly Societies are regulated by the Friendly Societies Ordinance, 1939.  Most of these societies have been dissolved and wound up in accordance with the Friendly Societies Ordinance. 

The Attorney General is considering whether the Friendly Societies Ordinance, 1939, should be repealed. 

If anyone is aware of any Friendly Society still active, please contact the Personal Assistant to the Attorney General, or call 22470 before Friday 23 December 2016.


6 December 2016



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