The Police Directorate has launched an initiative to provide free child car seats to families on St Helena – subject to household income – with funds provided by SHG’s Safeguarding Children Board. 150 car seats have been purchased.

Two types of car seats are available (pictured), one for children weighing up to 25kgs and one for children weighing from 9 to 36kgs.

The seats will be given free of charge to families with a total household income of less than £25,000. Families whose income exceeds £25,000 will be required to pay the full price for the seats, which cost from £42 to £65.

Application forms will be available from Friday 1 April 2016 from Ogborn House and the Island’s crèches and Primary Schools. The seats will be issued from Saturday 9 April 2016, with priority given to those families earning under £25,000.

Chief of Police Trevor Botting said:

“The Police Directorate has run a number of road safety campaigns and this initiative is part of the work to make our roads safer for all. Children are particularly vulnerable when travelling in a vehicle, especially when carried on the laps of other passengers in the car.

“These child car seats will play a significant part in protecting the Island’s children in the event of an accident when travelling in a car. We recognised that the cost of purchasing child car seats could put them out of reach for some families – so this initiative is designed to help those on the lowest incomes to better protect their children.

“I would urge all parents to submit an application at the earliest opportunity, as these seats will be issued from Saturday 9 April.

“My team and I want to work with the community to make the roads on St Helena safer and I hope this initiative plays a real role in helping us to achieve that. Together we can make a difference.”

Further information can be obtained from Ryan Belgrove at Ogborn House, tel: 22622

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting
9 March 2016


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