Executive Council met today with two items on the Open Agenda.

For the first item, Council sat as the Planning Authority and resumed discussion on an application for full Development Permission for the disassembling, relocating and reassembling of a steel building. 

The Senior Planning Assistant provided Council with an update on the work that had been done since the application was first brought to Council on 6 September.  Following discussion, Council granted full Development Permission with conditions for the steel building currently situated at the Jamestown Brewery Yard to be disassembled, relocated, and reassembled at the Farm Buildings Complex. 

The second item was about the undertakings and resolutions made at the last formal meeting of Legislative Council on 19 September.  Council was provided with an update on action taken thus far and noted that these undertakings and resolutions would be incorporated in the tracker document, with periodic updates being provided to Members.

In the Closed Session, Council considered a proposal to introduce a paid parking system in Jamestown.  It was noted that vehicle ownership has increased in recent years resulting in major difficulties with parking in Jamestown, especially during peak periods.  Council noted the need to better manage the limited number of parking spaces through an improved traffic management and enforcement system.  Following discussion, Council gave approval for the proposal to be taken out for public consultation. 

Public consultation will start shortly with an aim to implement this new system in early 2017.

The meeting closed at 12.10hrs.


4 October 2016



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