Executive Council met today with just one item on the Open Agenda. This was a Development Application and Council was therefore effectively sitting as the Planning Authority.

The Development Application related to a previous application that was made in 2013 for the Rupert’s Wharf development which included the road that links the wharf to the main access road in Rupert’s. Council noted that a planning condition had been imposed in 2013 to ensure appropriate standards of access to the wharf and continued availability of the Shears area for commercial fishing. 

At today’s meeting Council considered the proposed design for the road and the associated challenges which include the protection of the heritage retaining wall.   The ultimate outcome was to have a road that would accommodate double lane traffic but this would involve the removal of part of the wall.  Following lengthy discussion, Council approved the application subject to various conditions which include requirements for a construction method statement for the demolition of a section of the existing wall to accommodate the increased road width. The wall will then be reconstructed and the original stone will be preserved and reused for this purpose.

Council was not however able to discharge the planning condition that was imposed when the application was approved in 2013 and requested that further work be undertaken by the Rupert’s Development Working Group with a view to ensuring that the full length of the retaining wall is strengthened in anticipation of the heavy traffic that will be used when the wharf is fully operational. 

In the Closed Session, Members were provided with an update on the Bottom Woods Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) and noted that the invitation for tender for works would be issued shortly. Works on the Half Tree Hollow CDA was also being progressed with the contractor.  

The meeting closed at 1.20pm.


20 September 2016








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