The St Helena Police Service has once again been alerted to the problem of dogs wounding and worrying livestock.

On Friday 8 July 2016, in the Longwood area, two dogs were seen killing a two-week old lamb. This is a serious loss for the farmer and an unacceptable incident.

The Police, together with veterinary staff of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Directorate and farmers across the Island – remind all dog owners to keep their dog (or dogs) on a leash at all times and not allow them to wander.

Under the Animal Trespass Ordinance Cap 168, if your dog kills, wounds, or worries any animal or poultry, the keeper of the dog shall be guilty of an offence.

If any dog is found killing, wounding, or worrying an animal (in this instance sheep), then the occupier of the land, or a person acting with their authority, can humanely destroy the dog.

As the owner or keeper of a dog you shall also be guilty of an offence if you allow your dog to wander onto a public highway without being under proper control.

Sergeant Jane John commented:

“The onus is not on the dog but on the owner or keeper of that dog”.

The Police Directorate would also like to take this opportunity to call upon the help of the public. If you see dogs near or in enclosures where sheep are kept, please call either Police Headquarters on 22626, Veterinary Services on 24724 or the out of hours number 26162.

If it is possible and safe to do so, please record the colour and any distinctive marks on the dog – for example, is the dog long or short haired, are there any obvious markings on its coat, is it wearing a collar and if so what type etc?  This will all help in identifying dogs and if necessary bringing the owner or keeper to justice.

When speaking to farmers, they often tell the Police that farming can be a hard and laborious trade, made even harder when, due to negligence, sheep are been killed because dog owners are not obeying the law and keeping their dogs properly on a leash.


11 July 2016




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