Following an internal review of Firearms Licensing procedures, a number of changes are being made which may impact new applicants, as well as current firearms licence-holders when requesting a renewal.

These changes include a more detailed application form, and enhanced scrutiny of any previous convictions for any offences in relation to the applicant and family members who reside with the applicant. There will also be more detailed inspections of storage and use arrangements for where the firearm will be used and an assessment of the impact on public safety of issuing a firearms licence to any person.

These changes will result in the process for application and renewal taking longer and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they apply in good time to ensure there are no breaks between current and future certificates. Further information can be obtained from Acting Chief Inspector Johnny Thomas at Ogborn House, Jamestown. Application forms can be obtained from the Customer Care Centre Jamestown.

In the near future, the Firearms Ordinance will be subject to review and more details about the changes will be circulated once the review is underway. Further information will be released through the media and on the SHG website as we seek the views of the local community and Elected Members on these changes and how we can best work together to keep our community safe.

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting said:

“The holding of a firearms licence is a privilege, not a right – and it is my responsibility to ensure that licences are only issued to members of the community who are responsible and trusted.

 “These changes will tighten our procedures and, whilst there will be a short term impact on the time taken to complete the renewal and application processes, I would ask for the community’s support and patience whilst we deal with the slight backlog of applications. The changes we are making will result in a more consistent approach to firearms licensing and one that enhances community safety.”


Trevor Botting, Chief of Police


3 March 2016


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