In 2015, the Aviation Ordinance came into effect on St Helena. This legislation is required before the Airport opens and has been ‘localised’ to be relevant to the Island. In addition to this local legislation, there are also UK laws which apply to St Helena aviation. One of them is called the ‘Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013’, governing the use of St Helenian airspace.

These restrictions focus on:


  • The Airspace in St Helena – The lower airspace over St Helena is made up of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) and a Control Zone (CTR)
  • Balloons – This Article is generally concerned with large balloons such as hot-air balloons and tethered ‘barrage’ balloons used for advertising. But it does also place restrictions on ‘small balloons’ that fly, for example those that you’d buy for a party or a celebration
  • Kites – On days when the Airport is open, a kite must not be flown more than 30 metres above ground level in the Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ). Outside of the ATZ – ie to the west of Diana’s Peak – a kite must not be flown more than 60 metres above ground level
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) – SUAs (also known as drones, quadcopters, UAVs, or radio controlled aircraft) are subject to restrictions depending upon when and where they are flown, and how much they weigh
  • Aeronautical Lights – The Order prohibits the negligent or intentional interference with an aeronautical ground light
  • Dangerous Lights – Ground-based high-powered lights and lasers can pose a serious risk to the safety of aircraft landing or departing St Helena. Therefore the Order prohibits the use of anything that can cause glare, or could distract or dazzle pilots

The attached information sheet highlights the restrictions that apply to public use of airspace in St Helena and gives advice on where to obtain further information.

 Air Navigation Overseas Territories Order – Information for Public


1 April 2016


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