Remember you can apply at almost any time during the year, to have your name included on the Register of Electors. Having your name on the Register of Electors, gives you the right to vote in both General and Bye-elections, and also gives persons 21 years of age and older, the right to stand for election.

In accordance with Section 7 of the Registration of Electors Regulations, any person eligible to have their name included in the Register may make application to the Registration Officer. The Register can be amended at any time, except during the period between the publication of a Writ of Election, the declaration of the result of such election, or during the period in any year when a new Register is being published.

Am I eligible to be on the Register?

 Yes, if you:

  • Are over the age of 18 years with St Helena as your ordinary place of residence
  • Have St Helenian status or are the spouse or life partner of a person who has such status

 I have recently married – do I need to amend my details on the Register?

 Yes, please apply to amend details on the Register if you would like to add or remove your name, remove the name of someone who has died or left the Island, correct the name of someone who has married, change an Electoral District or change an address on the Register.

The Register of Electors dated 1 July 2016 can be found on the SHG website at

Further details on inspecting, or applying to amend the Register can be obtained from Assistant Registration Officers, Mrs Carol George and Miss Gina Benjamin at the Castle.


31 October 2016





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