SHG is pleased to announce that AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSML) has been selected as Preferred Bidder for the sea freight service to St Helena after the RMS St Helena leaves service next year.  SHG has reached this decision after much deliberation and discussion, in large part due to the high standard of tender submissions received from all short-listed bidders.

AW Ship Management Ltd said:

“AW Ship Management is delighted to have been appointed as the Preferred Bidder to provide a marine cargo service to St Helena into the future. We look forward to further detailed discussions with SHG in order to quickly move this project forward.

“Using its current experienced agency arrangements, AWSML will provide as seamless a transition as possible between the current St Helena Line service and the new operations, whilst also providing the improvements proposed as a part of our tender.

“AWSML and its staff have close to fifteen years’ experience in the provision of cargo services to St Helena under the management of the St Helena Line service. We will continue and build upon the reliability of the SHL cargo service that the Island has enjoyed to date, and we look forward to playing a part in the Island’s future growth and prosperity as it enters a new era.”

There will now be a period of detailed discussions between AWSML and SHG to confirm the arrangements, the ship that will be deployed, and the precise service to be provided.  Further details will be announced shortly.


24 June 2015

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470