Wednesday 5 August 2015 saw Prince Andrew School hold its Celebration of Achievement Awards, recognising those who have excelled in 2014/15.  Parents, invited guests, Chief Secretary Roy Burke, Director of Education Shirley Wahler and Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean were entertained with musical pieces performed by students, including a sketch from Les Miserables.

Head Teacher Paul Starkie opened the ceremony with Prince Andrew School’s motto ‘To Aspire and Achieve’.  He remarked:

“We have illustrated in our mission that we wish to ensure all our students achieve their full potential academically and socially.  We inspire our students to rise to the challenge so they become responsible citizens who have respect for themselves and each other.”

Sunna Thomas
Sunna Thomas

Student President Lizemarie Robbertse spoke of a year at PAS which has seen the School’s 25th anniversary celebrations, new teachers joining, European Language Day, the annual Careers Fair, musical concerts and the triumph of Jenkins house winning Athletics Day, Gala Day and the House Cup.

Awards handcrafted by Nicky Leo were then presented to students for their performance in sports, arts, environment & conservation and academic study.    Individuals who have supported both the school and the community were celebrated with a Heart of Gold Award – presented to Fr Dale Bowers, Tina Lucy, Karis Coleman and Carine Young.

In congratulating the students, Chief Secretary Roy Burke remarked:

“It is obviously a very long time since I was at school but I still remember sitting through prize giving day thinking: what’s the point of prizes?  I was saying to your Head Teacher a little while ago that I don’t remember winning a prize at school.  But that did not deter me from trying my best in whatever I did, the prize for me was a feeling of self worth and pride in whatever I achieved.

“And it doesn’t matter whether you leave school at 16 and start work, or go on to A levels or to further education or apprenticeship.  Or even take time out to travel the world.  You will always have the time you spent at Prince Andrew to help guide you.

“It is a fact that we cannot all be Olympic champions but we can be the best we possibly can at whatever we try to do. Each of us has their own skills, no matter what they are.

Tiffany Herne
Tiffany Herne

“The Airport will change St Helena forever – It is an enormous privilege for me to be in St Helena at this crucial time in the history of this remarkable island.  And the most important message of all for today is the message that the young people in this hall are the future of St Helena. You will take the island forward.  That is a great responsibility but it is the opportunity that generations of people in St Helena have never had.  I hope that each of you take this opportunity to make a real difference – so that when asking yourself what is the point of prizes, you will see that it is something to aim for, to encourage you to try harder and to get ready – because the future is already here”

Attached is a list of recipients of 2014/15 awards.


10 August 2015



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