Further to the update issued on 29 June 2015 on the operation to remove fuel oil from the RFA Darkdale wreck, Andy Liddell of MOD’s Salvage & Marine Operations division has reported that work has been progressing well over the past week and that the team has now completed its first phase of the work to remove explosive ordnance from the wreck.

A total of 38 high explosive shells have been removed from the wreck and its immediate vicinity, including some that were fused.  The shells have now been disposed of in an area two miles out to sea where the water depth is in excess of 1000m.  The Hydrographic Office will now be notified so that a correction to the nautical chart can be made to show where these explosives were dumped.

Pacific Supporter
Pacific Supporter

Andy said:

‘Our second ship, the Pacific Supporter, arrived yesterday carrying the moorings and oil spill response equipment.  Work will start today to lay the moorings and set up for the next phase of the work, which is to install the valves on the hull of the wreck to allow removal of the oil.  This phase of the operation is expected to take around two weeks.

‘Our third and final ship, a large oil tanker, is due to arrive on Thursday 23 July.  When all the valves are installed and the tanker is in position, we will start the pumping operation to remove the oil from the wreck.’



9 July 2015

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