Ferry Boat
Ferry Boat

The St Helena Ferry Service saw the delivery of its new vessel on 30 June 2015.  The previous ferry – decommissioned by St Helena Government earlier this year – had suffered corrosion to its aluminium hull and was deemed uneconomic to repair.

AMD Engineering was contracted by SHG to produce a new Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) hull ferry boat, and Adrian Duncan and his team based the new vessel on the previous boat, moulding the hull around the old one.  The new GRP hull will ensure that repairs can be done easily on the Island.

Assistant Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, said:

It’s good to take receipt of the new Ferry Boat.  It has been a difficult time for the new operators without having a dedicated boat, but the new boat looks fantastic and is now in service.  Adrian and his team have shown just what can be produced locally.

“With the new GRP hull we hope that this boat will last just as long as the previous one which served the Island for over 30 years.”

Enchanted Isle Limited, owned by Jonathan Herne & Gina Benjamin, has been operating the St Helena Ferry Service since 17 March 2015.

Ferry Boat
Ferry Boat

Enchanted Isle Ltd said:

“We are very pleased to finally receive the new Ferry Boat.  We have had to overcome many difficulties in order to keep the St Helena Ferry Service running, but with the brand new boat now in the water we look forward to offering an improved service to all users.”

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1 July 2015

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