St Helena’s Audit Service has recently recruited a new member to its audit team, Gavin Barlow.  Gavin is currently on Island for a 2 year contract and will be in charge of the office’s operational delivery as Senior Audit Manger.  He will supervise the financial audits of SHG’s financial statements, and will assist with training and provide general assistance to the Chief Auditor as well as the current local staff.

Gavin Barlow
Gavin Barlow

Gavin explained:

“The most pressing aspect of the role is completing our backlog of audits.  Currently we are focusing on audits for 2012/13 – due to SHG moving to an accrual based system and operating in line with IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) – and the Audit Service is working hard to complete this build up of assignments.

“I am looking forward to this challenge and assisting in improving work and the Audit Office in general – I feel it is the right step in my career and that it offers a really unique experience.”

After completing his Honours Degree in Accounting, Gavin completed his traineeship at PricewaterhouseCoopers in South Africa.  He then moved to the offices of the Auditor General of SA (AGSA) – auditing the National, Provincial and Local Public Sector accounts.  He spent two years with the AGSA’s International Business Unit, who served as external auditors of several United Nations agencies, and is well travelled, having visited over 13 countries, including America, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Liberia.


29 June 2015

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