The Housing team forms part of the Environmental & Natural Resources Directorate and has two permanent staff members – Housing Management Officer Tracey Thomas, and CS Housing Officer, Michael Bedwell.

Tracey Thomas said:

“The Housing Section has received some common questions from the public recently, which are answered below.  In the coming weeks, we’ll deal with other questions that we receive.  

“The Housing team is committed to providing housing for those who are in genuine need and who cannot afford to rent or buy in the private sector.  

“In an ideal world we would have sufficient housing available for all applicants, and we are working hard to improve the current housing stock and also to build additional homes.  This won’t happen overnight, but we are working on addressing the Island’s housing needs.”

If you have questions that are not covered in the short Q&A below, please contact the Housing Section on tel: 22270 or tracey-thomas@enrd.gov.sh


Q & A

I own a property but it is not ready to be lived in yet.  Can I apply for a government house while my home is completed?

Unfortunately this is not allowed.  Anyone who owns land or a home here or overseas is ineligible to apply for government landlord housing.

My family is returning home to St Helena.  Can they apply for a government house?

Your family is welcome to apply for government landlord housing once they are here on St Helena.  But they will need to ensure that when they arrive they have made private arrangements for accommodation and do not expect to be housed in a government property upon arrival.

My partner and I have been arguing.  Will I get a government landlord house so I can have some peace and quiet?

Unfortunately the answer is No – if we had to house every person who argues with their spouse or partner then we would be housing the majority of the Island population. However if the arguments turn violent or you or your children have to flee your home, then it is important to make contact with the Police and Safeguarding Directorate immediately.

Housing Team


2 November 2015





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