As part of St Helena’s safeguarding projects, the Safeguarding Children’s Board has this week launched two leaflets – one for parents & guardians and one for young people – providing information on the safe use of the internet and using the internet wisely.

Parents Guide to Online Safety

Parents Guide to Online Safety

There is a quick guide for young people to help them enjoy the internet safely – this includes making sure they know who they are talking to online, setting their accounts to private, not being victims of online bullying and not posting personal contact details online.

The leaflet designed for parents and guardians highlights the benefits of the internet for their children’s educational and social development but also provides advice on understanding the internet, the risks it poses to their children, and protecting their children in the virtual world. Topics covered include cyber-bullying, identity theft, inappropriate and harmful content and grooming.

Helping your child understand the risks of using the internet ensures they can make sensible and informed choices and get the most positive experience from going online.

Children’s Champion, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, said:

“The internet provides many fantastic opportunities for children and young people, provided it is used safely. We have developed sensible advice and guidance for children, young people, parents and guardians to enable them to use the internet and social media, while being aware of some of the dangers.”  

 Chairperson of the Safeguarding Children’s Board, Sean Burns added:

“The internet is a wonderful tool that improves the way we work and enjoy ourselves. But there are dangers out there in the virtual world. This is a timely reminder about what some of those dangers are, how you might identify them and guidance on what to do if you have any concerns. I commend it to all, especially young people and parents.”

Copies of both leaflets will be published in this week’s newspapers and printed versions will also be distributed to Prince Andrew School for students and their parents or guardians.



30 June 2015

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