A Population and Housing Census will be conducted on St Helena in early 2016 to capture the pre-airport characteristics of the St Helena population.

The date set for the Census is Sunday 7 February 2016 with piloting planned to take place in November this year.

The project team is currently consulting with key stakeholders on the topics to be addressed in the 2016 Census questionnaire. The starting point is the 2008 questionnaire with questions tweaked to be in-line with accepted international standards. It is proposed that some topics such as literacy and number of children born living will be dropped due to the sensitivity of the questions and limited use of the information they will provide. Some additional topics will be addressed to fill some of the most important information gaps in the data held about the Island’s population.

If you have any questions or suggestions of topics that might be included in the 2016 Census please get in touch and make sure your opinions are considered. The information that is collected will be used to monitor developments and inform decision making for many years to come. This is the Island’s data and we need to work together to make it as comprehensive and as high in quality as possible.

Proposed topics to be addressed in 2016 Census questionnaire

Population Housing
Name Tenure (whether the home is owned or rented)
Age Household members living outside St Helena and expected to return within 2 years
Gender Dwelling type (detached house, flat, other)
Relationship to other household members Number of rooms/ bedrooms
Marital Status Bathroom and toilet facilities
Country of birth Type of water supply (treated/untreated)
Religion (optional) Fuel for cooking and lighting
Qualifications Roofing materials (including solar panels/heaters)
Economic Activity (if working or available for work) Sewerage system
If working – Occupation and Industry Household assets (car, fridge, washing machine etc.)
Disability Status* Internet Access*
Caring Commitments*
Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes*

*Proposed new topic for 2016

The consultation on the Census questionnaire is being coordinated by Senior Statistics Assistant, Justine Joshua, who will be delighted to hear from you and to answer any questions you may have.

Contact: (+290) 22138, email: statistics@sainthelena.gov.sh or visit the team at the Castle.


28 July 2015



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