Earlier this year, the Aviation Ordinance came into effect on St Helena.  This legislation is required before the Airport opens next year and has been ‘localised’ to be relevant to the Island. In addition to this local legislation, there are also UK laws which apply to St Helena aviation.  One of them is called the ‘Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013’, governing the use of St Helenian airspace.

Whilst most of the Order applies to aviation-specific topics such as how to fly an aircraft, the licensing of staff, the registration of aircraft and so on – there are a number of restrictions that apply to the general public.

These restrictions focus on the use of ‘controlled’ and ‘uncontrolled’ flying objects, such as radio-controlled model aircraft, drones and balloons. And they also cover ground-based hazards that could dazzle or disorientate pilots, such as hand-held lasers. For example, in 2014 there were over 1400 reports of laser incidents from pilots in the UK.

The attached information sheet highlights the restrictions that apply to the public, to airspace in St Helena and gives advice to the public on where to obtain further information.

Air Navigation Overseas Territories Order – Information for Public


11 September 2015


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