Further to the press release issued on 14 July 2014 this is an update on strange animal sightings (first seen in Rupert’s Valley) on St Helena.

Several sightings indicate that there may be an unusual animal present on the Island. Daylight sightings have provided a more detailed description of the same type of animal, initially seen in Rupert’s Valley, but as yet there is no conclusive evidence to its identity.

For more conclusive identification there is a need for a clear photograph of the animal. SHG is offering a reward of £20 (twenty pounds) to anyone who can provide a clear photograph.  Images should be sent to Jill Key at ANRD on email  jill-key@enrd.gov.sh, or call 24724 to arrange collection.

Members of the public are advised not to approach the animal too closely. If the animal is seen remaining in one place, please notify the Police immediately.

In the meantime, ANRD would like to inform the public that as an experiment they will be broadcasting certain animal sounds from a loud speaker in the upper Jamestown and Maldivia area, in an attempt to provoke a response from the suspected animal. This will take place mainly during the early evening, and will commence today, Monday 4August 2014.


4 August 2014


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