On 16 April 2014 Executive Council considered the St Helena Maritime Sector Review report produced by Marine Maven (T&T) Ltd, commissioned by St Helena Government.  The scope of the report was to provide advice and guidance on a range of maritime issues, covering the legislative framework, the adequacy of governance arrangements, the operation of vessels, and the system of licensing and improvements in the sector infrastructure. Members considered the report in conjunction with SHG’s response to its recommendations. 

The report has thirty-five recommendations and SHG has commented on each one, giving an indication as to next steps, the person responsible and a timeline.  It is agreed that Officers will report progress against these recommendations to the Economic Development Committee as part of the reporting process.

One of the key recommendations in the report relates to the introduction of a Maritime Services Officer funded through the Technical Cooperation budget.  SHG has reviewed the recommendation and deems it unnecessary at this time. Instead, the new Head of Customs and Port Management (Jonathan Holland) will take up a number of the prescribed duties from the report and ensure implementation of the associated recommendations.

Another key recommendation is the setting up of the St Helena Yachting Association. SHG supports the idea of such an association and the benefits it could bring, including the introduction of a National Yachting Scheme – and welcomes this being established by individuals or the private sector, as this is beyond the core business of Government.

Council advised and the Governor agreed to endorse the responses provided by SHG to the recommendations of Marine Maven (T&T) Ltd.

Copies of the full report and SHG’s response to the recommendations can be obtained from Corporate Finance at the Castle and a copy has been placed in the Public Library, Jamestown. Please note due to the size of the report, only SHG’s response to the recommendations has been placed on the SHG website at



13 May 2014


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