MFV Extractor Welcomes Students


Yesterday, Thursday 15 May 2014, the MFV Extractor welcomed aboard children from the three Primary Schools, as well as Prince Andrew students.

Tammy Williams, Community Liaison Manager of Enterprise St Helena, commented:

“One of things we wanted to do as soon as the Extractor arrived was to allow schoolchildren to have that experience of seeing what it’s like onboard. The crew have been tremendous in encouraging interest in the fishing industry, including those whoDSC_0583 will be the next generation of fisherman.” 

Harford Primary students were the first to visit at around 10am.  Once onboard, the children were given a tour by skipper Trevor Thomas, with children allowed to explore the sleeping quarters, engine room and navigation equipment.  They were also given a demonstration of the rods and hooks used for fishing.

Trevor said:

“In collaboration with ESH, we are promoting the traditional industries campaign.  These young children onboard are coping very well in unfamiliar surroundings and conditions, and are obviously extremely excited to be here.”  


DSC_0588  Waylon Thomas (crew member) took the helm and gave the children a short dolphin watching trip.  Once back, St Pauls   Primary School students waved to those onboard from the Wharf and were the next group to visit the Extractor.

Waylon Thomas added:

  “It has been nice to see the young kids aboard today.  One boy was particularly interested in all of what was going on      around him.  If by doing this trip, we have enticed one young person to take an interest in the fishing industry, then that’s what we are here for.”


“Fishing is a tough job and those who follow it have to be passionate about the Industry.”

Three pictures attached.

16 May 2014




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